While there are many different types of fire protection systems, each suited to a particular type of hazard or suppression need. Sebench has the expertise and knowledge to design and specify any type of system needed including wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, foam, pre-action or early suppression Fast response (ESFR).

As stated by Mr. Lukemeyer of Peerless Pumps, “Peerless Pump has worked with Sebench on numerous fire pump projects over the past 6 years. Heavy industrial projects like steel mills and refineries where the risks are high and the design have to be beyond the normal commercial standards. This is what sets Sebench apart from the pack giving the end user the finest system available.”

We act as a conduit between meeting a cost effective minimum code required basis (what the owner will get from bidding contractors) and understanding owner operations and potential growth, as well as long term ownership of their investment.  Through this, we are able to potentially save the owner thousands through recommendations based on their future growth.