Unlike other fire protection design firms, Sebench started in the insurance industry.  Our first contract was to provide the insurance approval and oversight for all of US Steel’s fire protection projects around the world. Over the past nine years, Sebench has grown to offer consulting as well as complete fire protection design services for our clients’ projects.  Our level of expertise ensures that a project is done correctly the first time.  If we have to find a unique solution, we will work with the fire marshal, insurance companies, and many of our manufacturers’ representatives to find the best solution and get it approved.Our approach includes the design of a sprinkler system, pump house, or alarm system and take it out to bid to several manufactures/installers for you.  This allows you to contract with the installer directly so there is no mark-up. This gives our clients the purchasing power to have competitive pricing on the job, with less change orders, and the comfort of knowing that they have a system that will work and meet required local codes and standards.

The photo shows the impact that a fire can have on a building that burns for 8 hours. Because of Sebench’s proper design, the Fire Protection system stopped the fire from impacting the propane tanks just 50 feet away.