Sebench Government One Pager

For our government clients here is our One Pager.

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The Sebench App is available for Android Phones

Sebench App for Android

This app is for fire protection design professionals and helps calculate fire pump test results, hydrant flow, equivalent K Factor and pipe friction loss.

The Value of Hiring a Qualified Fire Protection Engineer

The Fire Protection Engineer works for the Owner and has their interest in mind. This results in having a better working understanding of the Owners needs than the low bid Contractor. The Fire Protection Engineer can help Owners decide where it is more cost effective to invest in system components and designs and where not to invest.

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An Overview of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Commissioning NFPA 3 and 4

The requirement for building commissioning is becoming more commonplace and is now required on most Federal projects. Commissioning goes beyond traditional system acceptance testing and verifies the proper operation of the many systems work as a whole and ensures that owner requirements are met.

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Comparison Matrix Building Codes vs. Mechanical and Fire Codes

A table comparing the ways that various occupancies are addressed according to Building Codes and Fire and Mechanical Codes.

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An Overview of Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Equipment

View a diagram of a typical Fire Alarm Circuit utilizing Transient Voltage Surge suppression (TVSS) equipment, and an explanation of its use in system design Also included is a summary of applicable UL and IEEE standards for surge protection devices.

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Loss Lesson: Trust. . . but Verify!

In diplomacy, “Trust.. .but Verify,” is a good rule of thumb. It also works very well when applied to working with fire protection. Having an established policy that provides for a third party review of all fire protection installations can save money and keep your project on schedule, on budget and assure the proper functioning of your fire safety systems, thus reducing the chances of a loss from fire or water damage.

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