Before you can design a Fire Sprinkler System, you need to know the design density for the area to be protected. There are a number of variables that must be considered.

  • Occupancy – What type of facility are you designing? Is it for Process or Storage? What type of product or commodity is being built or stored? What is the height of the storage? What is the interior roof height?
  • Water Supply – Is there an adequate water supply? Private or municipal? Is there a Fire Pump and/or water storage tank? What is the flow rate? Residual Pressure? Static Pressure? Are there any elevation changes from the water source to the protected area finished floor?
  • Fire Hose Demand – Are inside hose stations to be installed?
Let Sebench help you get started with no obligations to you. Use this form and enter as many of the parameters below as possible.  A Sebench Fire Protection Engineer will specify your sprinkler density for you.  You will receive an email with the results.