Providing sufficient water for the protection of any hazard is critical to the successful containment or suppression of a fire.  Sebench’s engineers and designers can:

  • Evaluate existing water supplies
  • Make recommendations for improvements to water supply
  • Design upgrades to supplement existing water supply
  • Hydraulically calculate all fire pump, suppression and hose demands.

Fire pumps are often required to boost the flow and pressure of water to sprinkler systems and internal hydrants for firefighting.

Fitting large fire pump enclosures into existing facilities can be especially challenging.  The design of any fire pump must consider not only the demands of the protection, but the limitations of access working space presented by the jobsite.  Sebench has worked successfully on numerous installations where space is at a premium.

The complex hydraulic demands of multiple fire pumps also require special skill in evaluating existing conditions and designing new sources of fire water.  Sebench has years of experience in designing such fire pump installations.  Our working relationship with a major pump manufacturer also provides excellent purchasing power for our clients needing either electric or diesel fire pump installations.